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Not being updated very much

The aim of the Agile Approach site was to express my thoughts on different agile methodologies: how frustrated I was that several seemed to be ossifying before my eyes; to point out the best features of the more successful ones; and to synthesize from them and my own experience of agile projects over the last 30+ yearst, not some much another method, but a practical realistic approach to software development.

I started writing Agile Approach several years ago and at the same time started a couple of other blogs. The general result of that was I had spread myself a bit too thinly and I didn't keep any of them up to date, nor really was I focused enough to put a lot of content into any one of them..

Looking Ahead...

Instead of trying - and failing - to run several different blogs, I've decided to combine them all together. So please look instead at Stone Bell where you will find everything which was on this site, a lot more about agile development, together with assorted ramblings and rumblings - whatever takes my fancy at the time I'm writing it.


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